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Rock blasting

Our team of shot firerís work closely with contractors to ensure work is carried out under the strictest safety regulations. If blasting is the chosen method, we will secure the necessary blasting permits from the agencies, drill & blast the rock right down to completing the job on schedule to resolve your worries.

 Over the last 3 years we under-taken most of the major blasting contracts in Singapore from LTA contracts to JTC contracts.

Our fleet of drilling rigs for big projects and hand drills for small scale projects coupled with our trained and highly dedicated shot firerís is what we are all about. 

Each project is respected for its individual characteristics and layout. Our blast manager will assess and carefully design the blast taking into consideration the vibration limits and the structures in the vicinity. Everything right down to the planning and execution required for the successful completion of your project while protecting the general public and adjacent properties is always our top priority.