When blasting the rock formation is prohibited then non explosive technics come in action to remove the rock in sensitive areas. Alternative rock removing methods are:

Chemical Breaking

“Rock splitting by mechanical means is perfect for sensitive areas or for small quantities of rock or boulders. The operation set up is relatively easy and no vibration is created therefore it is safe to use very close to structures and utility lines, pipes or sewers. The mechanical splitter can be also used to demolish concrete blocks and to pre-split sensitive areas.”

Rock Splitting

“Rock breaking using chemical means can be suitable in weak to medium-hard rocks. Chemical cartridges are used in the same manner as explosives but are not considered as high explosives and can be used in areas where explosives are restricted. The efficiency of these cartridges is not as good as using explosives, especially if using in medium-hard to hard rock conditions but can produce a higher advance rate (volume per day) than the rock splitting method.”

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